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Non-Equilibrium Statistical Systems


One-Day Conference on "Non-Equilibrium Statistical Systems"


12 May  2016 (23 Ordibehesht 95)



Sharif University of Technology is organizing a one-day conference on "Non-Equilibrium Statistical Systems". The meeting will be held on  12th of May 2016 at physics department of Sharif University, Tehran, Iran. The conference is intended for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty members, and others who would like to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of non-equilibrium Statistical Systems for application to research in their respective fields.



Antonio Celani (ICTP, Trieste)

Mohammadreza Ejtehadi (Sharif University of Technology)

Frank Julicher (Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden)

Abbas Ali Saberi (Tehran University)

Nader Seyed-Reihani (Sharif University of Technology)


Scientific Committee:

  • Abdollah Langari,
  • Shahin Rouhani (chair),
  • Nader Seyyed-Reyhani,


Local Organizer

Saman Moghimi-Araghi