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Sharif University of Technology - Weekly Cosmology Seminar ( Sunday- 18 December 2016 - 28 Azar 1395)

دانشکده فیزیک دانشگاه صنعتی شریف


سمینار هفتگی گروه کیهان شناسی


Primordial Black Holes Formation

from Particle Production during Inflation

انسیه عرفانی (دانشگاه تحصیلات تکمیلی علوم پایه زنجان)




In this talk I will explain the possibility of primordial black holes (PBH) formation from particle production during inflation. We consider the scalar and the gauge quanta production in inflation models, where in the latter case, we focus in two sectors: inflaton coupled  i) directly and ii) gravitationally to a U(1) gauge field. We do not assume any specific potential for the inflaton field. Hence, in the gauge production case, in a model independent way we show that the non-production of DM PBHs puts stronger upper bound on the particle production parameter. Our analysis show that this bound is more stringent than the bounds from the bispectrum and the tensor-to-scalar ratio derived by gauge production in these models. In the scenario where the inflaton field coupled to a scalar field, we put an upper bound on the amplitude of the generated scalar power spectrum by non-production of PBHs. As a by-product we also show that the required scalar power spectrum for PBHs formation is lower when the density perturbations are non-Gaussian in comparison to the Gaussian density perturbations.


یکشنبه 28 آذر ماه 1395، ساعت 15:00

    دانشکده فیزیک، تالار پرتوی