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Sharif University of Technology - Weekly Cosmology Seminar ( Sunday- 9 October 2016 - 18 Mehr 1395)


دانشکده فیزیک دانشگاه صنعتی شریف


سمینار هفتگی گروه کیهان شناسی


مشاهدات ریزهمگرایی گرانشی: از تصاویر خام تا منحنی های نوری

Microlensing Observations: from crude images to light curves

صدیقه سجادیان (دانشکده فیزیک دانشگاه صنعتی شریف)



In a microlensing event, the light of a background source star is temporarily magnified owing to passing through the gravitational field of a massive foreground object. One of important advantages of microlensing observations is detecting cold and dark extra solar planets often located far from us. For this reason nowadays two survey and several follow up telescopes are probing ongoing microlensing events toward the Galactic centre. Consequently, many astronomers are busy to reduce the data of these events, i.e. converting crude images to light curves and then characterising the lens and source stars. In this talk, I will explain all steps for reducing the data of a microlensing event which are calibrating the images, finding a good reference images, doing difference photometry (DIA) and finally constructing a light curve. Then, I will discuss how to obtain the best fitted model to the resulted light curve through Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation.




یکشنبه 18 مهر ماه 1395، ساعت 15:00

دانشکده فیزیک، اتاق 517