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A series of recent highlighted achievements by our Prof. S. A. Jafari

It is our pleasure to announce that a series of recent papers co-authored by Prof. S. A. Jafari have been highlighted in the Institute of Physics (IOP) LabTalk and featured as the cover of another journal (see below). We congratulate this to all and wish for exciting news and achievements.

** IOP LabTalk (J. Phys.: Condens. Mat.):

1. A collaboration between Isfahan University of Technology and Sharif
University of Technology (SUT)

2. A collaboration between SUT and the Perimeter Institute (Canada)

3. A paper single-authored by Prof. S. A. Jafari on universal aspects of nonlinear optical response in massive Dirac fermions in gapped graphene

** Journal cover (Adv. Mater.):

4. An international collaboration involving researchers from Germany, Austria, Iran, Italy, and Japan.