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The Fourth National Conference on Advances in Superconductivity (NCAS4)

Bahman 17-18, 1392 (February 6-7, 2014) Department of Physics

The fourth National Conference on Advances of Superconductivity (NCAS) will be held at the Department of Physics in the period of Bahman 17-18. We are honored that this year the conference will also host three celebrated scientists, Prof. A. J. Leggett  (a world leader in the theory of low-temperature physics and one of the Nobel laureates in 2003 physics for "pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids"), Prof. P. C. W. Chu (professor of physics at the University of Houston and a pioneer in the groundbreaking discovery of superconductivity above 77K in YBCO), and Prof. W. E. Pickett (distinguished professor of physics at the University of California, Davis).

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