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Department Colloquium on 07/08/1396(29/10/2017)

زمان: يکشنبه 7 آبان ماه 1396 ساعت 13:30

سخنران: محسن خاکزاد (پژوهشکده ذرات و شتابگرها، IPM)

عنوان سخنرانی:

Exclusive process at the CMS and a timing detector for the forward physics


In the first part of my talk, I will review the recent work on the exclusive π-π. This study is the measurement of the exclusive and semi-exclusive production of the charged pions at the LHC using the CMS detector. The dipion cross section and the differential cross section as a function of different kinematics are compared with the phenomenological predictions. In second part, I will discuss the development of a timing detector which is based on fused silica (quartz) Cherenkov radiators readout with micro channel plate photomultipliers (MCP-PMTs) or silicon photomultiplier (SiPMs) for high precision timing (σt= 10-15 ps).

مکان برگزاری: تالار دکتر جناب (دانشکده فيزيک)