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Sharif University of Technology

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Tehran, Iran

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Personal Data

Ahmad Amjadi

Birth: 19/02/1951, Neyshaboor, Iran



Ph.D.Physics, Michigan State University, 1986

M.S.Phsics, Michigan State University, 1982

B.S.Physics, Sharif University of Technology, 1974


Research Interests

Medical Laser, Medical Physics, Photonics, Laser Ablation


Academic Position

Head of Sharif Applied Physics Research Center, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran Iran, 2003- Present

Organizer of Laser Surgery Academic at Iran Medical University, Tehran, Iran, 1990-Present

Assistant Professor at Physics Department of Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1990-2003

Vice President of R&D Department at Visual Interface Corporation USA,1986-1990



Ahmad Amjadi, Automatic Transmission

U.S Patent # 18-10-1977/18129


Ahmad Amjadi, Automatic Torque Converter

U.S Patent# 12-10-1977/18131


Ahmad Amjadi, Automatic Transmission

U.S Patent# 12-10-1977/1830



A.Amjadi, P.Rajai, M.R.Forootan

Correcting Eye's Refractive Defects (Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism), Using Contact Lenses without Surgery (Orthokeratology), Tehran Iran2002.


A.Amjadi, H.Mardanpoor

Ultra Sound Eyeglasses for Blind People, Tehran Iran2001.


A.Amjadi, P.Rajai, H.Mohebi

Spherical Aberration of Contact Lenses,  Tehran Iran2005.


A.Amjadi, M.Shokohi

Double Shock Wave Lithotripters, Tehran Iran2001.


A.Amjadi, M.Rastegharzadeh

Controllable Spot Size Surgical CO2 Laser, Tehran Iran 1998.



You can see my publications here: phys.sharif.edu/web/amjadi/publications