Information Information

Room 431
P.O.Box: 11155-9161
Tel: +98 21 6616 4512
Fax: +98 21 6602 2711
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Research Interests

Plasma physics, Laser physics, Gamma-ray physics.


Research Plan

Study of low and high temperature plasmas, instrumentation of plasma by different diagnostic techniques and study and detection of high energy gamma-rays in extensive air showers.


Selected Publications

  • Simulation of body force filed effects on airfoil separation control and optimization of plasma actuator
    Journal of Physics- D, Applied Physics, England, Vol 41(2008)
    A. Abdoli, I. Mirzaee, A. Anvari, Pourmahmod
  • Design and fabrication of movable lanqmuir probe for plasma edge in the IR-T1 Tokamak
    Journal of Fusion Energy, Jan 2009
    Shariatzadeh, M. Ghorannevis, Emami, A.Anvari
  • Effect of low Temperature Plasma treatment on Poly Vinyl Chloride Film
    Journal of Plasma Fusion Research, Vol.8, Japan 2009
    A. Anvari, M. Ghorannevis, Sh. Shahidi, R. Enjilea, A.Hojabri
  • Warm relativistic fluid description of the laser wake field
    Physics of Plasma, Prinston, Vol. 16, 2009
    j. Yazadanpanah, A. Anvari, J. Samimi
  • A new method for finding Core location of extensive air showers
    The Astrophysicsal journal, 727:66(7pp) 2011, U.S.A
    H. Hedayati, A. Anvari, M. Bahmanabadi, etall