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Research Interests

Quantum imaging, Random lasers, Scattering and inverse scattering in random media, Quantum Optics, Laser, Optical Fiber Amplifiers (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier and Raman Amplifier), Photonic Crystal and Nano-Optics, Optical Micro Resonators, Wavelet Applications.


Research Plan


  • Our main research interests are Quantum imaging, random laser and inverse scattering. Quantum imaging is a sub-field of quantum optics that exploits quantum entanglement of electromagnetic waves in order to increase the image resolution beyond of classical limit. Examples of quantum imaging are quantum ghost imaging, quantum lithography, and quantum sensing. Also, it can be used to save data pattern in quantum computers. Theoretical study of quantum imaging is under investigation in our group
  • Random lasers are mirror less lasers whose feedbacks provided by multiple scattering in amplifying disordered medium. In fact random lasing is a combination of localization of electromagnetic waves and amplification in random active media. Therefore investigation of this phenomenon is important from physical point of view. We study different properties of random lasers.
  • In Optics, the inverse scattering is determining the characteristics, refractive index distribution and object shapes in different media by measuring and analyzing the scattered radiation, emitted radiation and reflection and transmission spectra. Investigation of inverse scattering is being done by our group.

    Selected Publications

    • Optimum quantum state of light for gravitational-wave interferometry
      Optics Communications, Volume 283, Issue 6, p. 1012-1016. (2010)
      S.Tofighi, A.R.Bahrampour, F.Shojaee
    • An inhomogeneous theoretical model for analysis of PbSe quantum-dot-doped Fiber amplifier
      Optics Communications, Volume 282, Issue 22, p.4449-4454.(2009)
      A.R. Bahrampour, H. Rooholamini, L. Rahimi, A.A. Askari
    • Lagrangian approach for analysis of radiation pressure induced parametric instability in micro-resonators
      Physics Letters A, Volume 372, Issue 41, p. 6298-6300.(2008)
      A.R.Bahrampour, M.Vahedi, M.abdi, R.Ghobadi
    • All-optical set-reset flip-flop based on frequency bistability in semiconductor microring lasers
      Optics Communications, Volume 282, Issue 12, p. 2451-2456.(2008)
      A.R Bahrampour, S.S.Zakeri, S.Mohammadi Ali Mirzaee , Z.Ghaderi, F.Farman
    • Gain ripple minimization in fiber Raman amplifiers based on variational method
      Optics Communications, Volume 281, Issue 6, p. 1545-1557.(2008)
      A.R.Bahrampour, A.Ghasempour, L.Rahimi.
    • Investigation of Transient Response of Erbium-doped Fiber Lasers by Semi-classical Theory
      Journal of Optical Communications.28,(2007) 248-251
      A.R.Bahrampour, M.Mahjoei,P.Jamali
    • Transient Behaviour Analysis of Injection-Locked Lasers
      Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 38, Number 2, 21January(2005) , pp. 244-254
      A.R.Bahrampour, M.H.Zandi
    • Theoretical Analysis of Spectral Hole Burning and Relaxation Oscillation in All-Optical Gain Stabilized Multichannel Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)
      Journal of Lightwave Technology, Volume 19, Issue 8, Aug (2001) Page(s):1130 - 1139
      A.R.Bahrampour, M.Mahjoei