Liquid Film Generator Liquid Film Generator

  • Introduction

We have observed that a rotating liquid soap film generates electricity when placed between two non-contact electrodes with a sufficiently large potential difference. In our experiments, suspended liquid film (water + soap film) is formed on the surface of a circular frame, which is forced to rotate in the xy horizontal plane by a motor. This system is located at the center of two capacitor-like vertical plates to apply an external electric voltage difference in the x-direction. The produced electric current is collected from the liquid film using two conducting electrodes that are separated in the y-direction. We previously reported that a liquid film in an external electric field rotates when an electric current passes through it, naming it the liquid film motor (LFM).


Measured relative potential at different points on the film rotating with an angular velocity of  2,000 RPM. The film is sketched in the x-y plane.
Schematic illustration of the liquid film electric generator mechanism. a The base state: Electric charge distribution on the film in the static state in which the fluid is quiescent. By this charge distribution, the total electric field (EC ? Eext) will be zero all over the film. b The charge distribution in a rotating frame. A gradient electric potential normal to the external field will be formed in this case.
  • Publication:

A. Amjadi, M. S. Feiz, R. Montazeri Namin, (Microfluidcs and Nanofluidics)