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Research Interests

Quantum information, quantum channels, quantum statistics process, and quantum many body systems.


Research Plan

Every process in quantum information, be it storage or transfer of a state, can be described by a quantum channel. Since quantum systems are very sensitive noise, understanding the effect of noise in information transmission is necessary. In this direction, analyzing the capacity of quantum channels, effect of correction in noise on data transmission and in general characterization and classification of quantum channels are some of the topics we work on. Furthermore, we are interested in quantum stochastic processes. The properties of quantum dynamical maps, for instance whether or not they Markovian, is another area in the field of quantum information that we work on.


Selected Publications

  • Forgetfulness of continuous Markovian quantum channels
    Rhys. Rev. A. 80, 042238(2009)
    C. Lupo, L. Memarzadeh and S. Mancini
  • The matrix product representations for all valence bond states
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 094416(2008)
    L. Memarzadeh and V. Karimipour
  • Entanglement and quantum phase transition in matrix product spin 1 chains
    Phys. Rev. A. 75 052322(2007)
    S. Alipour, V. Karimipour and L. Memarzadeh
  • Stationary entanglement achievable by environment induced chain links
    Phys. Rev. A. 83, 042329(2011)
    L. Memarzadeh and S. Mancini
  • Transition behavior in the capacity of correlated noisy channels in arbitrary dimensions
    Phys. Rev. A. 74 , 0322332(2006)
    V. Karimipour and L. Memarzadeh