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Sohrab Rahvar
Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology 

Room 325
P.O.Box: 11155-9161
Tel: +98 21 6616 4531
Fax: +98 21 6602 2711
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  1.  Faculty at Sharif University of Technology since Jan. 2002
  2. Visiting researcher at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics 2011-2013 


Current Research

  1. Gravitational Microlensing. 
  2. Extra-solar planets, Origin of Life from cosmological and astrophysical point of view.
  3. Detection of Gravtitational Waves with the method of gravitational grating.
  4. Alternatives to the dark matter by modifying gravity, MOG, MOND, ...  
  5.  Course of this semester:

Physics III, 

Recent courses taught 

1- Astrobiology
2- Cosmology for undergradute students at
3- Basic mechanics & electromagnetism
4- Astrophyiscs
5- Cosmolgy for graduate students
6- General Relativity
7- Large Scale Structures formation in the Universe
8 - Physics III



1)Distingushed National researcher and Saramadan-Elmi Award 2014-2018
2) 2012- Distinguished researcher at Sharif University of Technology
3) 2002- Gold medal of Al-Khawrazmi young researcher

Full list of publications at SAO/NASA Astrophysics data center  ADS or at  Google Scholar