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Selected publications:

  • Quantitative determination of optical trapping strength and viscoelastic moduli inside living cells, Phys. Biol. 10 (2013) 046006

Josep Mas, Andrew C Richardson, S Nader S Reihani, Lene B Oddershede and Kirstine Berg-Sorensen


  • Axial potential mapping of optical tweezers for biopolymer stretching: The bead size matters, Opt. Lett. Vol. 38, 5, (2013) 685-587.

           ArashAhmadi, S.NaderS.Reihani


  • FBAR Syndapin 1 recognizes and stabilizes highly curved tubular membranes ina concentration dependent manner, Sci. Rep. Vol. 3, (2013) 1565.

          P. Ramesh, Y. F. Baroji, S. N. S. Reihani, D. Stamou, L. B. Oddershede, P. M.Bendix.


  • Polarization-induced stiffness asymmetry of optical tweezers, Opt. Lett. Vol. 37,17, (2012)3519-3521.

          E.Madadi, A.Samadi, M. Cheraghian, and S. N. S. Reihani.


  • The role of condenser iris in optical tweezers detection system, Opt. Lett. Vol. 36,20, (2011)4056-4058.

          A.Samadi, S.N. S.Reihani.


  • Potentialmapping of optical tweezers, Opt. Lett., Vol. 36,16, (2011)3284-3286.

          T.Godazgar, R.Shokri, S.N. S. Reihani.


  • The effect of immersion oil inoptical tweezers, Opt. Express, Vol. 19, 16, (2011)14794-14800.

          A.Mahmoudi, S.N. S.Reihani.


  • Direct Measurements of Heating by Electromagnetically Trapped GoldNanoparticles on Supported Lipid Bilayers, ACS Nano, Vol. 4, 4,(2010)2256-2262.

          P. M. Bendix, S. N. S. Reihani, L. B. Oddershede.


  • Optimal beam diameter foroptical tweezers, Opt. Lett., Vol. 35, 10, (2010)1494-1496.  A.Samadi, S.N. S. Reihani.


  • Phase Contrast Optical Tweezers, Opt. Express, Vol. 18, 2, (2010)17983-17996.

          A. Mahmoudi, S.N. S.Reihani.


  • Optimized Optical Trapping of Gold Nanoparticles, Opt. Express, Vol. 18, 2, (2010)551-559.

  F.Hajizadeh, S.N. S.Reihani.