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Research Interests

  • Quantum information (Cryptography, Entanglement, Topological Quantum Computation, Quantum channels and maps),
  • Quantum and statistical field theory (Exactly solved models, matrix product states in spin systems and in quantum field theory)


Research Plan

For my PhD project I worked on Quantum Groups, a topic which I liked very much for its pure and beautiful mathematics, and its many interconnections to various fields of theoretical physics of the time (the 90's). When I left quantum groups for no reason, I had a sense of nostalgia for many years, and actually I never had that kind of internal satisfaction with any other field. After graduation I continued to work in this area for a number of years with sporadic interests in other fields of mathematical physics, mainly integrable models, and non-equilibrium many body systems in one dimensions. I also worked a little bit with one of my PhD students, on small world networks but quickly left it, since it was far from my interests. It is now a few years that I have settled down in quantum computation and quantum information. At first I worked on thermal entanglement of many body systems and then on matrix product formalism. Now I am studying topological quantum computation.


Selected Publications

  • Matrix product representations for all valence bond states
    Physical Review B 77, 094416 (2008)
    Karimipour V, Memarzadeh L
  • Transfer of d-level quantum states through spin chains by random swapping
    Physical Review A 75 (2): Art. No. 022321 FEB 2007
    Bayat A, Karimipour V
  • Equi-entangled bases in arbitrary dimensions
    Physical Review A 73 (1): Art. No. 012329 JAN 2006
    Karimipour V, Memarzadeh L
  • Thermal entanglement of spins in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
    Physical Review A 71 (2): Art. No. 022308 FEB 2005
    Asoudeh M, Karimipour V
  • Quantum secret sharing based on reusable Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states as secure carriers
    Physical Review A 67 (4): Art. No. 044302 APR 2003
    Bagherinezhad S, Karimipour V
  • Entanglement swapping of generalized cat states and secret sharing
    Physical Review A 65 (4): Art. No. 042320 Part A APR 2002
    Karimipour V, Bahraminasab A, Bagherinezhad S
  • Multispecies asymmetric simple exclusion process and its relation to traffic flow
    Physical Review E 59 (1): 205-212 Part A JAN 1999
    Karimipour V
  • Global conformal invariance in D dimensions and logarithmic correlation functions
    Physics Letters B 402 (3-4): 282-289 JUN 12 1997
    Ghezelbash AM, Karimipour V
  • A Lattice topological field theory on nonorientable surfaces
    Journal of Mathematical Physics 38 (1): 49-66 JAN 1997
    Karimipour V, Mostafazadeh
  • The Quantum De-Rham Complexes associated with SLH(2)
    Letters in Mathematical Physics30 (2): 87-98 FEB 1994
    Karimipour V