Information Information

Room 523
P.O.Box: 11155-9161
Tel: +98 21 6616 4520
Fax: +98 21 6602 2711
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Research Interests

Nano structures: Metallic nanoparticles; nanotube and nanosensors, Diamond like carbon, Semiconductor devices; Solar energy.


Research Plan

A new technique of making nanoparticles is established and utilized to produce metallic nanoparticles embedded in or over carbon films. Various properties such as optical absorption, surface Plasmon resonance, electrical conductivity and biosensing of these materials are studied. This technique is also used to produce homemade nanotube with metallic nanoparticles over. We are also studying various diamond vacancies for quantum information applications. We also do some work for renewable energy such as high altitude wind turbine and new solar cells.


Selected Publications

  • T. Ghodselahi , M.A.Vesaghi , A.Shafiekhani, M.Ahmadi , M.Panahandeh, M.HeidariSaani, Metal–nonmetaltransitioninthecopper–carbonnanocompositefilms, Physica B405(2010)3949–3951
  • M. Akbarzadeh Pasha, M. Ranjbar, M.A. Vesaghi, A. Shafiekhani, The evolution of catalyst layer morphology and sub-surface growth of CNTs over the hot filament grown Fe–Cr thin films, Applied Surface Science 257 (2010) 1511–1515
  • T Ghodselahi, M A Vesaghi, A Shafiekhani Study of surface plasmon resonance of Cu@Cu2O core–shell nanoparticles by Mie theory, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42 (2009) 015308
  • A Moftakharzadeh, A Kokabi, A Bozbey, T Ghodselahi, M A Vesaghi, S Khorasani, Senior Member, IEEE, M Banzet, J Schubert, M Fardmanesh, Senior Member, IEEE, Investigation of Bias Current and Modulation Frequency Dependences of Detectivity of YBCO TES and the Effects of Coating of Cu–C Composite Absorber Layer, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, VOL. 19, NO. 4, AUGUST 2009
  • H Tashpour, M. A. Vesaghi, Spin dependent recombination in magnetic semiconductor, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 94, 242103 _2009
  • M. Heidari Saani, H. Hashemi, A. Ranjbar, M.A. Vesaghi and A. Shafiekhani, Explanation of atomic displacement around lattice vacancies in diamond based on electron delocalization, Eur. Phys. J. B 65, 219–223 (2008)