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From the beginning of the establishment of the department of physics in 1967, the department tried to conform all the educational programs to creditable departments of physics around the world. We see that the number of graduate students published theses in international journals exceed one hundred. The faculty include leaders in major areas of physics in Iran. Today more than 350 undergraduates and 250 plus graduate students are being supervised by 31 faculty members, sometimes invited professors from inside or outside of the country.

Department Colloquium Department Colloquium

Department Colloquium 02/02/1397(22/04/2018)

اندازه شناسی و سیر نحول و بازتعریف SI
دکتر خسرو معدنی پور
يکشنبه 2 اردیبهشت ماه 1397، ساعت 13:30 - 14:30

Department Colloquium 26/01/1397(15/04/2018)

Local temperature Ansatz: A novel quantum entanglement based approach for solving strongly correlated systems
دکتر ابوالحسن واعظی
يکشنبه 26 فروردین ماه 1397 ساعت 13:30 - 14:30...

Department Colloquium 13/12/1396(04/03/2018)

خاستگاه دانشگاه و رویکرد دولت و جامعه به آن
دکتر فیروز آرش
يکشنبه 13 اسفند ماه 1396 ساعت 13:30 - 14:30

Department Colloquium 06/12/1396(25/02/2018)

Fabrication of sensors and detectors based on 2D materials
دکتر یاسر عبدی
يکشنبه 06 اسفند ماه 1396 ساعت 13:30 - 14:30